We provide quality house cleaning services for all types of housing. Our house cleaning job includes thorough clceansing of all furniture (exterior surfaces), detailed cleansing of wall decors and switch sockets, precise and meticulous vacuuming and mopping of the entire floor and etc!

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Office, it is just like a second home to most of us, we spent a lot our time here to earn income for a better future. Having to work in an untidy, dirty and dusty environment will decrease your efficiency of work as it will cause you to fall sick easily. It is not just that, it will also leave a bad impression of you to your boss and clients.

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After renovation there are bound to be a lot of dust and dirt in your house, some of them you may not be able to see and notice. Without thorough cleansing your entire house, all the dust and dirt will accumulate and be very harmful to your body. By engaging our company, you have nothing worry about. With our experience and expertise, we know how to make your house sparking clean and make sure you can move in to a comfortable home.

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The makeover service is beneficial in many ways. A makeover to a room or unit will help you to create a good image and impression to your potential tenants or guest. By creating good impression, you can not only be able raise more rental and give your guest a more comfortable place to be in. Furthermore, for property agents, a clean and sleek room or unit will definitely help you to clinch the sales easily.

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The benefits of cleaning your carpet regularly are endless! Carpet may be comfortable but they are usually more inconvenient. When you spill water on a marble floor, you can easily clean it away. Carpet will require shampooing, frequent vacuuming and sometimes deep cleaning. Carpet will produce odour if it is not cleaned regularly. Potential harmful microorganisms will also grow and imagine stepping on them for every day!

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Icleaning is Singapore’s leader in marble polishing and care. A popular choice for home decor, marble tiles for floor and other surfaces have a natural beauty and glamour that shines through most environments, making them the center of attention.

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