Rental Makeover

The makeover service is beneficial in many ways. A makeover to a room or unit will help you to create a good image and impression to your potential tenants or guest. By creating good impression, you can not only be able raise more rental and give your guest a more comfortable place to be in. Furthermore, for property agents, a clean and sleek room or unit will definitely help you to clinch the sales easily.

This cleaning service is specially customized for property agents and private house owner who plans to lease out rooms or units. Please note that this service is a one-time Ad-Hoc Cleaning Service.

Job Scope

  • Sweeping + Vacuum + Mop on all floor areas
  • Cleaning of empty Furnitures, Fixtures & Fittings (Interior & Exterior)
  • Cleaning of Toilets (incl. sterilization), Kitchen Areas and Rooms
  • Cleaning of Fans and Lightings
  • Cleaning of Built-in appliances (e.g. new stoves, ovens etc)
  • Clearing of Trash
  • Cleaning of all Glass Panels, Doors and Windows (interior)
  • Other ad-hoc/periodic chores as requested


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