Parquet Floor Polishing & Repair

Parquet floor is tough and requires low levels of regular maintenance, such as mopping with parquet friendly detergents. However, if the parquet floor is neglected, it will end up in a bad state with many scratches and blacken parquet which is unsightly. Blacken parquet is due to water seepage as water seeping into the parquet over time causes it to blacken. We can provide a full sanding and restoration service for your parquet flooring to bring back its initial shine.

If you are thinking of getting your parquet floors polished, the best options would be sanding and varnishing. Our machines are equipped with vacuum bag to minimize the wood dust from collecting all over your house.

We provide a wide variety of parquet flooring services from installing, cleaning, repairing, polishing and other services.

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Parquet - before / after