The benefits of cleaning your carpets regularly are endless! Carpets may be comfortable but they are usually more inconvenient. When you spill water on a marble floor, you can easily clean it away. Carpets will require shampooing, frequent vacuuming and sometimes deep cleaning. They will produce an odor if they aren’t cleaned regularly. Potential harmful microorganisms will also grow, and imagine stepping on them every day!

Carpet cleaning can be easy! Your flooring can be deep cleaned and sanitized without injected water and shampoo, which often results in the carpet being too wet till at least 8 or more hours later.

We can provide you with convenient and easy carpet cleaning services! See our prices listed below;

For Residential Carpet Cleaning

a. Min charges is $65 or at $2.50 psf

For office carpet cleaning

a. $0.45 – $0.55 psf (below 600sqf)
b. $0.30 – $0.40 psf (601sqf – 1200sqf)
c. $0.25 – $0.275 psf (1201sqf – 2500sqf)
d. $0.225 – $0.25 psf (2501sqf – 5000sqf)
e. Above 5000sqf to be called for quotation