3 Tips To Find A House Cleaning Services Company In Singapore

Be clean, be healthy.
Make your home to a healthy home by doing weekly/regular or ad hoc house cleaning. Healthy home is a home that is safe, clean and healthy for the people who live in there.

House Cleaning Singapore
But keeping your house tidy and clean can be hard especially in this day and age where our time is extremely limited due to tight work schedules, stresses of raising children and ensuring that everything runs smoothly both at work and home. Things like keeping the house clean are the last to do thing in the checklist. House cleaning requires a lot of effort and time; it is a very exhausting job. Thus, house cleaning services Singapore are beneficial for people who are piled up with heavy workloads everyday resulting in a lack of time to tidy up their homes regularly. However, if you barely have time to clean your house, hiring house cleaning services Singapore may be the best solution for you.

There are many kinds of cleaning packages available to meet your needs and requirements, such as- once a week, twice a week, thrice a week or ad hoc cleaning services. This can help to maintain your house in the best condition.


Getting a free quotation for cleaning services:

It is necessary to provide the following house information if you want to get a quotation so that they can provide a best estimates.

Your house type: HDB, Condo, landed property or studio apartment

House size: Sq-ft or Sq-meter

House cleanliness condition: Is your house regularly cleaned and maintained or is it very dirty? Send some pictures of the house if the house is very dirty.

Why is house cleaning required? : moving in cleaning, moving out cleaning, spring cleaning, ad-hoc house cleaning, or regular weekly house cleaning?

Any add-on cleaning service required? : Fans, microwave, oven, washing machine, dryer or refrigerator. Specify the quantity if there is.

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Below are 3 tips to find a house and ad hoc cleaning services company in Singapore

1) Interview all the potential service providers
Once you have come up with a list of possible service providers, do not take chances on the quality of their services. Take time to interview them so that you can establish if their services will fit with what you need. It is important that you verify the company’s important documents like the licenses and other relevant insurance coverage policies.

2) Ask for referrals and references
It is important to refer to the companies’ past clients. Verify the referrals by conducting researches with relevant authorities. Work closely with the referrals and inquire from them about the reliability of the company. This is a way of eliminating any potential disappointment as well as possible loses that comes with choosing unreliable companies.

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3) Check the company’s policies as well as their scope of work
Be sure to request the company for a copy of its business policies as well as scope of work. Their policies should not be discriminating. This will ensure that you do not get short-changed for any work that is not completed.