A Post Renovation Cleaning Services Singapore

Renovating your home is an exciting time. Your home is being transformed from one with an old outdated design to a refreshed brand new home, without having to move house physically.

There is one challenge with post renovation cleaning. With so much dust and dirt created by all that hacking, drilling or plastering, your house could become messy in no time. While you may think it is an easy-enough task to clean up, this is not necessarily so. Dirt, sawdust and tiny particles accumulate when you renovate your home, and most of these are hidden from the untrained eye.

Young Student Cleaner of Post Renovation Cleaning Services image 1During the process of renovating your home, it is inevitable that your carpets and furniture will finally be coated with layers of dust. This is why you should call in the professional house and ad hoc cleaners in Singapore to give your newly renovated home a thorough post renovation cleaning.

Job Scope For Post-Renovation Cleaning Singapore

Living Room & Bedrooms

  • Vacuuming and damp mopping floors and skirting
  • Wipe and sanitise external surfaces of all built-in cupboards / shelves
  • Wipe and sanitise internals of empty cupboards
  • Clean and polish all mirrors
  • Wipe all window grills / sills and polish inner window panes
  • Cleaning of all electrical switches / power points
  • Wiping all doors and gate
  • General cleaning of balcony floors (if any)
  • Wiping ceiling fans (if any)


  • Vacuum, wash / mop or scrub floor
  • Wiping of kitchen wall tiles
  • Wipe and sanitise external surfaces of cabinets
  • Wipe and sanitise internals of empty cabinets
  • Wash and disinfect basin
  • Clean kitchen hob and hood
  • Clean externals of built-in oven and refrigerator (if any)
  • Wipe all window grills / sills and polish inner window panes

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  • Clean and disinfect shower glass, bathtub, basin, toilet bowl
  • Washing of toilet floor and walls
  • Clean and polish all mirrors / glass
  • Cleaning of window and inner panes

Home is the important place for us and our loved ones to stay and relax. Therefore, it must be clean, safe, and with a healthy environment for the entire family to stay.

The 3 tips to choose a post-renovation cleaning services Singapore are:

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Cleanliness– hygiene, eco-friendly cleaning products

Their employees must be well-trained in personal hygiene and also in how to ensure that the clients’ homes are all in tip top condition in terms of cleanliness. They provide professional eco-friendly house cleaning products. The home environment is important,not only must it be clean but it must also be safe and healthy for the entire family.

Safe– integrity, warm, friendly team

Believing in a culture where people can feel safe at all times. The post renovation cleaning Singapore must not condone any sort of dishonesty and any instances of breaches in integrity. Expect an efficient, warm and friendly trained team who welcomes you back for an inspection at the end of the service.

Healthy– use green house cleaning products

Health is the most important aspect in everyone’s lives.Traditional house cleaning uses cleaners that contain harsh chemicals cleaning products. Sufficient scientific evidence links these chemicals to various health problems from the chronic to acute. People are taking note and beginning to demand green house cleaning products that are safer and yet still effective. These would not pollute home indoor air quality or the environment.